They say you are fat,
they say u are plum
what can i say??but that,
i m no less than heidi klum

they say no dress suits me
what can i say ??but that,
the size-"free" is meant for me

they say your cheeks are big
they say you are an eyesore
what can i say??but that ,
i just love eating a little more

they say "look at us, we eat so less"
they say "we are size zero"
ohh my !!
what can i say ??but that,
u still didn't find your hero :P

i don't wear make up
i never went under knife
all i want is vanilla-coffee cup
and a buttery life

they don't know the advantages of being fat.
i am noticeable they know that??

they don't know that people recognize me,
even before i reach their table
look i am so noticeable ! :D

yes, i am fat
i know that
at least i will die eating rich
like lion
not as a rat

i am 100
you are 60
you live on protein bars
i die for tipsy

when we will meet in heaven
god will say"you all performed well in life"
but the one who takes the trophy home
is Odette's wife..
Is Odette's wife ....

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