You all are tourists, here. Or may be voyeurs, because after all you do not pay for what you see. You derive pleasure in other people's sufferings. You watch other's account of sufferings, here, behind your named anonymous accounts.

You all are intellectual masturbators. You are cowards. You are afraid of physical pain. You won't speak a word that would threaten your jobs. You will never interrupt a policeman beating a rikshawpuller. You are afraid of eunuchs and shed the money, while taking pride in your penises when amongst your friends. You can see a pick-pocketer in front of your eyes performing his butter finger but tremble at the thought of blade that he might be possessing.

You all are unthinking consumers. You fill your homes with useless articles. Birthday cards worth 100's of rupees, paintings, dust eating handicrafts. You eat and then run. You pay to get the fat out by liposuction, but you won't eat less to begin with. Just because a friend is treating you and the food is free, it irritates your hunger.

You all are atheists and have no moral compass. You all are moral parasites. You will justify anything under the bollywood philosophy of "Apne dil ki suno". You will become overbearing with a rikshawallah and cruelly underpay him, while you will contribute hundreds of rupees for a stupid cake for boss' birthday. And then you will quote with pursed lips, that evolutionary maxim "survival for the fittest"

You stash your money in the bank to milk interest out of it, but won't lend it to your needy friend. You'll cry like an effeminate when your girlfriend leaves you but you will find an excuse to be absent at your friend's father's funeral.

Such a false high opinion of education you have. What do you do in your convents? Make MMS? Better are madarsa students who believe in God, fear him, and consider remaining silent amidst excesses as a sin and becoming voice, a jihad, hence becoming an instrument of justice.

You have sex with girls/boys and hence steal what's rightly meant for their to-be husbands/wives and call it cool.

If I could profile you all, I would drag you in the dark streets and kill you and burn you and throw you in the city's drain. After dying too, when you will be resurrected, you are going to be in the depth of the hell.

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