She laughed, she cried, she cared, she fought
she had an eternity at her feet, she thought
with family and friends always by her side
she smiled vibrantly.. no guilt to hide

She loved him more than Love
the pair was perfect, sent from above
He wedded her, the day was grand
they danced, they dreamed, built castles in sand!

A morning came, when the Heavens roared
They demanded their Angel back 'Come Aboard!'
Gleeful he planned a surprise, little did he know
His life was leaving him, alone on the death row

He came home, only to find the lifeless her
the pain was way more than he could endure
his sweet little world.. smashed at once
he stood there staring... blank, dumbfounded like a dunce!

They took her away and sent her where she belonged
he sat in a corner still staring and forlorn
his gaze stuck on the clouds, waiting them to part
a silent tear trickled, he longed for his sweetheart

Life is short, Death is timed, and you are a mere pawn
the expiry date is fixed... its a game He set on

Tomorrow may never come, it may never be a long run
Go out...
Love, fight, cry, scream... you were born so you're worth it
Life is short...really short! Please live it!

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