I had always wanted to write just for writing or maybe because I like speaking to myself a lot but still got a thing to share them with at least some person. But the restriction which comes from this whole sharing is how would the other person judge me. However good friend he/she is, you still don't want to share each and every deep thought of yours. Though you shouldn't expect any such thoughts of mine here, I am just writing whatever is coming to my mind. And I think this is what we should all do - not just with writing, but with speaking and acting too.
But, life is not so simple. I am also writing my thoughts here as I know that no one would know who wrote it and that would save me from the whole ordeal of being judged.

Life is an all-time learning experience. This is only after 22 years of my life that I have actually realised that I should not at all care what others would think. If your friends judge you wrong, it's their fault, not yours. Also, this is not good enough a reason to restrict yourself from doing anything. If you want to be selfish sometime, you should be. If you are restricting yourself from not doing so but still thinking the same, you still remain as bad - the only difference being that others won't know, but your conscience does. Have we ever wondered that there are many things about our friends that we don't like but we are still fond of all of them. This holds true for everyone. Then, why are we all afraid of being judged!

The surprising part here is what made me realise this. There is this guy at work - a senior who is always being nasty and trying to question each and every task of yours. Initially I used to be very afraid of him and always thought thrice before saying anything in front of him. But eventually, after some mentoring from other good guys at work, I realized it does not matter to me what he thinks of me - I am not here to make friends with him. And if I have done all my work honestly and to the best quality level, then the ball is already off my court. This is why I have come in the firm and for nothing else. What would happen even if he thinks I am stupid. Ultimately, either he will change his mind or I will become smarter. Either way, it is not going to harm me in the long run. In case, he is not able to change his mind and carries on wit his first impression (I am still not sure if it is as bad as I am currently thinking), then he is at fault, not me. Now, I speak my mind in front of him and I think this should be the case in every situation. Yes, I know it would be very difficult t change my mindset but here I am starting again - although with an anonymous post to see if I can write and write well.

Have a lot more thoughts on this which I would continue if I feel I am thinking in right direction

@all those who managed to reach till here: please do share your thoughts and feedback on if I can write well :)

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