Its true that when I fell for you that time I never cared about with the fact that How much beautiful you are or do you have dimples or not because I was just mad over the way you talk the you adore, the way you comfort others and the way you share other people's sorrow, but today bubu when I came to see your photos, ofcourse its not my first time that I have go through your beautiful pictures but today I really don't know why Your pictures are just making me feel so special.

Today I want to confees from my heart that I have never seen such a beautiful girl in my whole life and I wish to god that he don't make me see any other girl beautiful than you even he make do than I swear I will close my eyes and will try to imagine your sweet and beautiful face.

You are a girl who got a beautiful smile who's smile makes my everyday worth living, it gives me strength to fight every obstacles every pain which I come across everyday in this crucial world.

You are a princess with a kind heart who's heart have got much bigger space than others who knows how to make someone happy, who knows to treat everyone the same way as they deserve.

Even my words are not enough to praise you with the fullest baby.
You are a awesome girl who always makes my day so much awesome that sometimes I forget even myself and get lost over you.

You are an angel in my life who had washed away every pain from my life or I should say you just vanished them <3.

I'm glad that I have met you in my life
I'am sorry that I'am not a good writer though sorry that my words are not enough to define that what you are to me.
You are my sunshine you are my angel You are my lifetime crush you are my bubu <3.

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