You and Me

I feel no more of "Us" as it used to be. I miss that feeling. It seems something is lacking in me. I only want to tell you how sorry I am that I made you feel worst in all those times. Yes, it was though unintentionally, but I accept my mistake. I cannot do anything now except starting it all over again where I will be the refined me and you be the only you. I just want to say that don't create a space in my life by going away or by changing "us" thing. I only know that I love you as I have loved no one else. You might be able to move on, but I can not.

You are my weakness and my strength at the same time. I might be lost somewhere in the daylight but my day starts and ends with you. You mean much more to me than I am able to show. I can not give your place to anyone else, for I see you as my lobster.

Yes, I had been wrong, and you had been rude. And I am sorry again for being worst. It is the love that really matters to me. I put love above everything! I hope you believe the same.

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