It was a day silent,
A 10 year old girl seated, tears;
The bench-companion smiled, quiet ambivalent,
Her parents left her under the concern of this boy!

She was new, the boy never scoffed, he was wanting,
to befriend her, her cries landing,
No word came out of my mouth, she smiled,
wow, i was relieved, she was settled.

Time moved, 4 feet tall now,
she was with gang of girls,
i was with boys, humbled,
She was angry, competitive, nice!

She challenged me in everything,
yet she kept, the graceful friendship,
she wished me on every occasion, then,
she succeeded, 'conquered', i knew, i had got valuable something!!

Time moved faster, days turning to years,
Once I could get the number, now 5 and more feet tall,
There was no control on the joy, she spoke gracefully,
I was delighted, She remembered, was speaking crazily.

My friend, You were always there when i wanted;
Even after a saga of over 10 years, we are still childish,
She speaks the utter important things, lively, am i granted,
with the best person in the world, strong-willed, stylish!

You are the best person anyone would want to befriend,
I want this friendship to stay till eternity,
I bow to you, for making my life special,
O My friend, you, with such ease, blend!

On this occasion of your b'day,
I would want to dedicate my whole life to you,
I would ever be your peer, your majesty,
Take me along the path you tread!

Let me get a nice opportunity,
to make your b'day special,
much with alacrity,
Happy Birthday!!

Dedicated to my dear friend, I am going to present this poem on her birthday i.e. 25th Of July! Excited!!

Tags: Love, Birthday

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