And then pooja's sweetness made me fall in love with her but I decided to keep it to myself because She was not yet ready for this and my situation was no so good as well but however after spending few days together I started knowing her.

There were so many untold things between us which I just cannot even count.

Even Her presence used to make my boring day brighter. And then I met her best friends who were also so much nice to me.
Sometimes I used to get jealous of them
because I used to afraid that maybe one of them will steal her from me hehe you know friends sometimes getting jealous feels good it make us understand that how much me care for the person we love.
I was never been so serious to all these friendship and its ultimate example is I just got 3 or 2 good friends in reality but anyways there was one guy in our friend circle who use to like her ah no no we all four friends use to like her haha but however I never let any of them know that am in their list as well.

Time started passing and me pooja became best friends now we started calling eachother with nicknames, she use to call me lolo and i use to call her polo.
And during this I confessed my feelings to her she was like nai yaar you deserve someone better than me.
But as i remember she tried to say something and then one of our friend came and i was silent and but i was happy inside by let her know my that what i feel for her.
During this I remember one day I came online and was shocked to see that pooja was in a relationship with one of our friend oh god that moment was like some had punch my face.
It was not my first time that i was facing such situation but don't know why I felt bad so much bad that time.

I tried to pretend that am happy for her and the guy but in a second she brokes the relationship and made it clear that it was just for fun.
Damn I wanted to scold her for giving me a heartattack.
Life with her was going full of awesomeness but then one of our friend became insecure he started showing his insecurity over a other guy who was good friend of pooja.
Things became awful when that guy talks rubbish about pooja but pooja forgave him just because she doesn't wanted to lose any of her friend.

But her tensions were increasing day by day and then one day she finally said yes to one of our friends it was one of my heartbreaking day, my tears were not stopping my handkerchief was all wet cause of my tears i was in terrace because I don't wanted to make anyone know that i was crying.
Then i made up my mind to leave pooja finaaly I wrote a long msg to her ofcourse it was a mixture of emotions and feelings.

But then suddenly she came to my chatroom and told me that she don't love him it is just for make that other insecure guy away.
And she also said that she Dont want to lose her lolo(me)and also said few other things as well She confessed that she used to feel something for me and she even said it to me but that time I was running for someone else so she just let it go.

And i was like oh holy shit and was cursing myself .
But then next day I again became normal and everythings were back on track and then she added me on kik it was the first time for me when i was going to talk her somewhere outside of Galaxy and it became one of the best moment of life I know some of you will judge all these events as nothing but for me these all are my best moments of life my life.

My situation was like even after sending her a msg there on kik I use to wait till I get delivered notification lol I don't know if i was ever so much crazy.
I use to sing songs for her and her and she use to listen them and guys I just cannot explain the feeling when she use to pass compliment about me. Feels great isn't it??

One day i really dont know on which topic we were discussing but i asked her to send me her voice and then all of a sudden she asked me my number oh god, I never imagined that however i gaved her my number and she called me, her voice was so sweet like I used to dream.
We talked for 6mins but those 6mins were best enough to make me fly high.

So what happened next?? stay tuned for 3rd part friends.

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