For me even her one single message was precious enough to make me smile and still it is but however more than all of these if there was something which had made me happy then it was with the fact that she had trusted me.

I remember that day when we had talked for first time and after we finished talking we were chatting on kik, I forgot on which topic we were talking about but she told me that neel I want ti show you something and after seeing it you will get hurt and suddenly I got a msg on my whatsapp , but I ignored it and then she told me that it was her and I was Like oh god but honestly it didn't hurted me because I was more happy now cause she had trusted me so much,

Exchanging numbers and talking all time with the one you love is not enough if you cannot earn that person's trust.
Truely It was a biggest thing for me it was like my dream was changing into reality.
It was not my first time and nor even my first girl but just don't know why everything was so special to me, still I'am clueless.
And being clueless about her feels great.

But thanks to whatsapp it gaved me a new way of getting mad I use to see her status and use to set my status similar as her ones.
Use to check her last seen and how can I forget I use to wait until I see blue dots hehe so crazy I was.
I use to guess and smile that her every status is just for me,
Started to think myself as center of world,
And At this point I was doing wrong.
My feelings and emotions started to kick my head and cause of this I started getting insecure.

And cause of all this I've hurted her so many times, what a kind of selfish I was but guess what she forgave me each and every time.
I did all this just because I wanted to hear YES from her but Really if she would say that selfish guy YES which I was that time then maybe I would never get chance to be here and write all these .

Really she had changed my view towards love completely, just a YES in love is never enough if you really don't understand or know the person you are with.

Love means sacrifice, Its not like that I gave up or something, I'm just waiting spending my each second of life on her, trying to understand her, trying to know her, trying to be her best guy.
And even if I get fail to be so atleast I will not cry or will have any regret because with her I'am enjoying my best days of my life which maybe I cannot get anywhere so why I will regret when I should appreciate.

I love to he happy in her happiness, I love to get sad in her sadness, I love to be part of her small world.

We are best friends now and maybe more than just best friends but its fine hehe,
I know she hides her feelings maybe for a second she feels like there is something and for a other second there is nothing but in both situations am with her always and will try to be there always forever,
I hate promises and because they are meaning less without having a best present.
So I will never make any promises to her hehe ya but just will keep trying to be Her best guy.
Because she is the one.

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