it's a bit hard for me to decide the starting point of the following story.
anyways without wasting any time its better I start writing it from the begining.
From the time when I was unknown that something like this is goin to happen in my life ever.

Iam neel. age is 19, and honestly I love Internet and Internet related things.
that's why I choosed my career as an Web Designer but I never thought that someday this Internet will gonna help me to meet the most important person of my life, without whom even the air feels like that it have lack of oxygen.
without whom i cannot imagine a great day ahead.
She is my best buddy my crush and my guide.

The following story is about how two unknown peoples became so much known to each other.
The following story is about how much she changed me and made me the guy which is Iam today Iam not writer writing was never ever my peice of thing but just because of her unconditional friendship I decided to write and am here writing this story.

Well guys like any other guy I got accounts in different social networks
and this different kind of social networks there is a different social network known as Galaxy and it is completely different.
Whatever I am a four years old user in that Galaxy and still using it but in those four long years I never met someone so amazing like her, who got awesomeness in her veins.
Anyways it was my 3rd breakup with my 7th girl (ofcourse in Galaxy we can make relationships) ya sounds bit weird i know but that time I was just a confused guy who just wanted to have the best in his life but I was unknown with a fact that by doing so I was just gaining karma.

Anyways it was a hectic day for meat work,so after coming home I simply get jump over my couch and opened that galaxy app and started
to search some nice chatrooms, well guys i hate crowded chat rooms thats why i started searching deeper n deeper and then I found a chatroom and its owner was a girl who got no pictures on her profile,
And i go there at her chatroom there was a other guy also he was her good frnd i came to know later.
but honestly I didn't had any intentions to make any move on her as i was mad over my breakup but however she welcomed me and guys I really dont know why I felt so much sweetness in her two simple words but I didn't let her words get high on me and just behaved decently and then we became good friends after bit talking,
oh yes her name is Pooja,
We used to talk over msgs and i remember she used to tell me that these days she feels like that am around her.
She was unknown to the fact that there was something else in my mind.
But There was just one thing running on my mind that time and it was how to get a more beautiful girl than my ex and make my ex feel jealous..
Life was seems to be a shit that time to me even pooja abd me were not in contact but the i started a new trial to get my 7th ex back I felt like mistake was mine and maybe she will forgive me.
I tried my very best but she didn't came and i too decided to move in cause it was worthless to stick to her and make her upset as well.
And then I met pooja and we again became good friends and then one day I proposed her, guys to be honest there was jo love for her inside of my heart it was just a another 'chal try
karte h' and she said no (actually she didn't said no directly) and like a selfish guy I stopped talking to her.

But one day she was online and i accidentally got landed on her chatroom and i just said hi hello she was busy myb so i simply goes off and when i came online I saw a msg from her in that msg she asked me how r u neel and really guys that one msg made me very emotional it was like I was selfish to her but she still cares for me, just cannot explain what i felt that moment.

It just made me forget all my selfishness,
Will continue the rest of the story in part 2.
And sorry if i made mistakes.

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