Off you go,
I bid you my final goodbye,
You made me realize,
That our relationship was as light as a fly..

You are a nice girl,
This I do not deny,
But you pissed on me,
I didn't know why..

I said sorry for my uncommitted mistake,
But your emotions were high,
You ignored my apology,
But still you continued to justify!

You made me angry,
You hurt my feelings,
Said often I made you unhappy,
Which was a MAD MOVE!

I went bad,
I acted blindly,
I broke up,
And got you broken up..

I won't keep this poem long,
I'll pen off here,
You are still my favorite ping pong,
I have a final message for you dear..

My heart might be broken,
But unlike you, emotions are as low as a broken Hi-Fi..
My final message is:
You can jump into a SPARTA ABYSS and DIE!!!!!! >_

Tags: Poetry

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