The laughs we shared,
The talks we did,
How close I felt
How behind the world we hid.
It felt like a paradise,
Like a gift bestowed,
Of all the ill-wills till now being uproared.
Why so many calls you did
Why so much care you showed
Why did you illusioned this fool, there is someone to walk along?!

I had always been aloof, with a certain distance made
Why did you make me belief its okay for people to cross that stage!
Then after coming so near, why did you turn the back
There is so much to traverse, I've just stretched my hands.
With your back to my face, you've gone ahead too fast,
Only to see behind with those condescending eyes and an altogether new mask.

Tide of time has dawned upon,
Snapping back the reality- '' Nothing in the world remains same for too long''
Alas! In the eyes I see, I search for the real you!
The one I laughed my heart out with and on her shoulder, cried too
Nothing much changed, sans a fact
Under the sun we still share the laughs, in the loomy forlorn nights I cry my heart out reliving the past.

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