Somebody told if you love someone,
Just give your heart,
Don't care she will love you back or not,
Yes and I did the same,
I will always love her,
She will not love me, it least bothers me ,
Yes people say you are cheater,
But i say them back i love her,
Yes and I say at your face,
that my love was not having sex with you,
that my love was not to defame you,( it was just meant for you may be oneday you will see me how much i love you)
that my love was not to cheat you,
that my love was not to give you money,
that my love was not to give you the gift,
But you see you send your friends,
Did you ever dare to talk to me face to face:
Did you ever say me you love me or not?
Did you ever say me will you marry me?
But it was simple that i can do anything for you,
Just tell me on my face,
what do you want from me,
But those eyes never even came to speak to me once,
Because they ask everything from god,
Does god exist?
Does her friend ever thought what i will feel
Do i love your friends?
Do i love basketball?
Do i love guitar?
Do i love tennis?
Do i love staying at night?
Come and talk to me thats what i meant,
You believe in illusion
I believe in the same,
i believe in dreams
You believe in dreams
Anyways i will wish that you get the person who you deserve
who has similar way of thinking as you think
who cares you more than i do
who love you more than i do
who does everything better than me
Yes i won't feel condescending
because for me you will be the same love
i will be your admirer, do you get it.
Yes and you deserve the best ....yes !

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