“You say you love rain, but you use an umbrella to walk under it. You say you love sun, but you seek shelter when it is shining. You say you love wind, but when it comes you close your windows. So that's why I'm scared when you say you love me.”

Ever did that? Felt the first rain on your skin while walking down the road? Looked up and gasped in joy. Well of course all the people who love rain do that.

I have spent long years in Bangalore, yeah I prefer Bangalore over Bengaluru for my own reasons, irrelevant here. What is the first thing anyone who has spent even a single day in Bangalore say about the “Garden City”? “Awesome weather”, hell yeah. I totally agree. But live in the city for a couple of years and you get used to the pleasant weather and then you start to crib over how unpredictable it is. Nothing can satisfy a human, can it? We love the weather and some people move into the city because of its weather. Next we know, they buy a car and start complaining of the pollution and traffic. Ironic isn’t it?

Coming back to Mr. Marley’s words, “Excess of anything is bad”, is that your defence? Who defines excess? Isn’t it really your standard for your life? So why do you compare your son’s grade with the neighbour’s son, your paycheck with your peer’s and your car with someone else’s?

A couple of years ago, I met this cheerful girl at a friend’s party. Not very mature to accept people how they are and considering judging people as my duty to keep myself on guard, I declared in my mind, “What a drama queen!”. I got to know her better when some mutual friends decided to hang out. Making faces, teasing around and jumping on the road, yeah she did all that. She was filled with life, living every moment like there would be no other. Now a dear friend of mine, she tells me her secret, “Love the skin you are in”. I often wonder, why did I tag her as dramatic in the first place? I compared her with the norms of the “society”. I compared her with my standards of “normal”. This thought gave me a restless time and I realise something beautiful that day, “Accepting something is always harder than giving something up”.

Sometime back, I was working for a company wherein I had colleagues from all the reputed schools in the country; some of the smartest brains under one roof. I might be biased here but I believe that the training at these schools was above average. I had a fun time at work, 6 months of training was an extended school. But today when I look back, I did not enjoy enough. Yeah we had those “chai pe baatein”, fooling around, checking in and sneaking out for back to back movies but I do not have as many memories. I ask myself, “Why?” and I get this answer, “Remember? You were scared to let go?”. Yeah I do remember well.

A couple of days back, I met this guy at the new year’s party. After the party, his friends decided to go for a trek and I was invited by one of our mutual friends . A group was formed instantly on a messenger to discuss the plans. After the trek, I reached back and see a ping on my messenger, “I am falling for you. What do you think?” I was shocked, yet I knew I couldn’t be rude. I conveyed in subtle words that it was not something I looking for right now. The next I know, he was furious and blaming me for non-existent stuff. I put down my phone and never replied back. Is love only about reciprocation? So should I trust you when you say you love me? You didn’t value your own words. You have many times said that you do, but your actions never met your words. A man is what his words make him.

Live one life and make it right.

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