using the best pic as dp
getting poked from the creepy
messaging a few
getting requests new

liking pages , liking pics
showing off your routine
by writing on friends wall
hey it was fun at the mall !

adding pics
making strangers friend
to get likes and pics
then show it in the end

making a DSLR friend
to have the best dp
adding ppl even more creepy

begging for comments in inbox
showing off on the wall
what on earth are you trying to do after all ?

don't you thing you have started feeling a lot
since mark provided the feeling option..
showing how kind you are by liking pics of
PETA and adoption

why can't you be just what you are
why you starve to be the facebook star
you think people like you if they like your pic
hey ! that's so wrong chic ;)

being popular on fb isn't an achievement ,
cuz when you log out
you are still that same school girl
who hasn't completed her assignment :P

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