The shadows that lurk, in the nights of our thoughts,

Masquerading as an escape from the challenges to be faced,

Are they real? Do you believe them?

For if you choose to believe, hope will run out, now that dangles

You dreams will wash out with every stroke from the brush of these shadows.

These shadows, within you, around you, are ready to put you down,

When you fix your eyes, treading towards the unaccomplished,

Tabooed, forbidden, by the ones, supposed friends, but enemies,

Brooking up with disheartening words, with a smirk on their lips like a scar on their hearts,

They say, it’s beyond the possible, they laugh, making you look like a fool,

Your vision might seem to fade away, with million mirages,

Luring you to lose your dreams in the queering desert of mediocrity,

There is only one thing that can lighten up your mind, and thoughts,

Make you walk beyond the ordinary, breaking out the cocoon, to be a butterfly,

It’s the sky of your dreams which calls you, to cradle you,

Offering the wind to pass beneath your wings

Make you fly, high, higher than any supply can get you,

And when you would look down, people will extend their hands trying to touch you,

They want to hold you, pull you down to be like them, to be ordinary,

Make you believe you are just like them, and yes you are,

But you are the one, who has made different choices,

The choice to pursue your dreams, against all odds,

And though you may get hurt and though you may cry,

You hold your dreams closer, you never let them die.

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