I’m an addict
To your voice
To your love
And I don’t wanna let go off.

The way you talk to me
The way you say “I love you”
Brings stars to me
Leaves me dumbstruck

Your hair
I love the most
Long, dark, mystique
Falling beneath to clutch me
To take me away.
I don’t mind

Your eyes
Though covered in glasses
Tell a thousand tales
To the world
Never looking up once

Your aura, so mesmerizing
I find myself dreaming sometimes
Of you
Of your hair, your eyes

Never having enough
Want to be livin’ in the dream
To never wake up
To be with you always

You’ve shown me what I was
How hollow I was
How demonic
How monstrous

I’m glad you occurred
For every night has its day
You are mine
The long awaited sunshine

I love you
And I will love you
Only you

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