You cant sleep if you are far
From me,

The bells of church wake me up with
First morning down in pink,
Here in the Melancholic town,
The adhan voice for prayer
Had woken your mind long ago…
But your eyes are so tired with
Longing to see me…

You wake up with thought of me
And every time you sleep with
Secret, precious picture of my face
Your eyes are looking to the world
There in the burning sun of Ramadan,
But they see just my blushing cheeks.

You cant sleep if you are far
From me,

You need me just inside of you
In your hot burning arms ,
Full of sparkles and fire you are,
Your need is never satisfied…
You just want to hug me tight
As if you swallow me completely
And me to live inside you..

How do you see me with your eyes?
As little fairy in a dress of tulip white.

But am I not so dangerous for you?
While coming in my Melancholic room
In moon full night,
You want to breath my smell,
To inhale my essence, all of me,
You want to touch me and embrace me,
But I coulodnt be enough for your
Hungry senses.

And i`m still asleep in peaceful dream
With stars, while you whisper again "
“ I adore you, sweet sister of mine”

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