Its a real story about three friends that i am sharing with you all.Its about hippo(me), nautanki and motiii.

I had no idea on the day i met them that they will become so important to me.Actually, i met this two in a firm where we all joined as a trainee for 3 years. Initailly, i hardly approached them or conversed with them relating to work even at the office.

almost after 1.5 years of my training, we all 3 become good friends.When i was through my hard days of life, they both supported me whole heartedly unconditionally. And that was the time when we become good friends.

In a day or two, we used to roam around the mall. city, we used to enjoy street side foods and more fun and masti on the way to their PG.

Life was good and i was enjoying my life. We have so many memories to cherish. Suddenly, one day towards their end of training, one day nautanki told me that she and motii are going back to their howmetown.And that was the day when i really felt like total emptiness in my life because i was living my life with a wrong perception that they will always be there and life will be like this only.When i was with them, i have never felt like to make new friends. 

With time, i also started liking nautanki's company, may be i had feelings for her.So, that was a thing that made the situation more worse for me.

The last day came, when they were leaving my city for their hometown.I have literally tears in my eyes and a sense of pain.That day, we promised each other to remain in touch, to continue our friendship etc.I wanted to hug them tight for the last time as i may or may not meet them again.But, expressing my emotions would have made their way to hometown even more difficult and painful, so i controlled my emotions and waived the bye with a smiling face.


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