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I hope you had the time of your life..

Agni looked down at his clothes; he was in his school uniform. The same shrunk school tie that he had worn for the last 3 yrs of high school, the same ink stained shirt that he wore on Tuesdays and Read More

WARNING: the following article may contain...

WARNING: the following article may contain ideas, philosophies, thoughts which may make you ponder endlessly over the next few days. I said ‘may’. Although I hope that it does make you ponder, I Read More

I talked to Jesus. Jesus says I'm ok.

“Why didn’t I take the lift? Really? Does that question really need to be answered?” “I guess not,” replied the voice.“You know, as strange as it will seem, I feel like a little boy Read More

Sins of Mediocrity

Right earphone goes in the right ear. Then the left one goes in the left ear. I look down at my ipod, only one song, purposely so. I press play and attach the emblem of Steve Jobs’ legacy to my Read More

BJ's and G's

BLOWJOBS AND GADGETS. The two things that can bring a man from depression to a much safer place. But they are not exclusive. A depressed man rich in gadgets but sexually deprived is still a sad soul. Read More

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