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Kush to bahut hoge aaaj....kyu nahi...aaj ka din hi kuch aisa tha ..jis me koi to khash baat see baata bhi nahi sakta ..aur chipa bhi nahi sakta...haan is per aitbar bhi nahi ker sakta..kyu Read More

Ek minute.....of life.....

Nope i m not asking you to devote/spend your precious time and money making this happen..but thought of sharing you...may be worthsharing and get some view from avid readers to ..Nowadays life has Read More

Beyond boundries...above sky ...Part 1 contiued...

Hoping to write something again...but still thinking not to touch those area which can be memoir to many of us.NOT AGAIN....DECIDED...!!now still gonna write which makes sense to many and couldnt be Read More

Beyond boundries....above sky.....raising bar....

Again..fir subah hui fir shaam hai..aur Jindgi tamam hui...Srijan's says..Keep writing ...writing is fun....well said...but writing here is something more then we think,throwing up emotions which are Read More i'm not talking about BIG BOSS reality... i'm not talking about BIG BOSS reality show just days ago started, but i m reffering to everyone out here..i'm calling them BOSS...Hello BOSS, you must be wondering why i m calling Read More

How they reached, i m still wondering.

it's been a while since i thought of writing something which help me to grow with killing instinct. no no buddies..i m not the story teller who just got fables to throw with mind blowing Read More

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keep writing ... writing is fun ...

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