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He-Man - I have the power

... Out of the blue today, I recollected He-Man, one of my favorite super heroes from my childhood days. I remember waiting desperately for the episodes of He-Man. I used to love it. I remember Read More

Kids teach us

You never know from whom and from where your next learning would come. My daughter is 2 year old and we had a guest visit us yesterday along with his 3 year old daughter. They are Maharastrians and Read More

Walk the Talk

In life you will come across people who are good at talking but they do not walk the talk. They will have hundreds of words to assure us about getting things done, however, their actions hardly match Read More

Wish I could be a kid again

Being an adult what did I gain? I wish I could be a kid again As a grownup I am part of a rat race As a kid, butterflies I could chase Today life is a nightmare As a child, I had nothing to Read More

A funny interaction with a stranger

In my journey from home to my work place I take the local train. Today being Raksha Bhandan, the train was unusually crowded. I had to stand in between the two seats facing each other in the train Read More

If my life story was a book

After reflecting on events that happened in my life, as far as my mind can recollect, I think my life story would be titled "I Strive, Destiny Drives" . Yes, I do believe in Read More

Why do I write?

Do I really know why do I write? Let us try to find out whether I know the answer to this question. I have been maintaining a blog ... since the year 2007. My first blogpost Read More

Playing the waiting game

Getting into a routine and doing the same thing over and over again gets boring. One yearns for change and playing that waiting game isn’t fun. Patience is an important virtue to have in such Read More


Criticism, isn’t it a simple word whose meaning everyone understands? Yet, how you deal with it can make or break you. Every one of us has received it and every one of us has been generous enough Read More

Communication options and relationships

Our generation must be the most privileged generations of all times when we look at how technology has given us wide range of options to stay connected with each other. On the internet we have Read More

My Friend

I have a friendWith whom fun sees no endFew steps away or oceans apartMy friend is close to my heartSunshine or gloomOur friendship never ceases to bloomI got Read More

What do I believe in?

I believe in having gratitude towards those who have been there for you. It could be your parents, a friend, a colleague, your boss or a complete stranger. It may be an animal, an inanimate object, a Read More

How did I meet one of my closest friend?

Work helped me find a friend who fits the definition of friend word by word. A friend in need is a friend indeed. My work required me to interact with her and I did not realize when this interaction Read More


The topic of this blog post is prompted by the closing statement of an article I read. You never know from where you will get your next inspiration to write. No wonder reading plays a critical role Read More

Adaptability states that adaptability is being able to adjust oneself readily to different conditions. In school days when I used to study science, there were many examples given in our science Read More

True Success

Does getting a big fat salary or a higher designation imply that you are successful? I do not feel it does imply success for an individual. These factors may be considered as indicators of success Read More

Academic Qualification and Aptitude

Academic qualification and aptitude, do they go hand in hand? Does having a post graduate academic certificate ensure that one is a knowledgeable person? Does donning that scholar's cap mean you have Read More

First Impression and Perception

Many opinions in life are formed based only on first impression. Right from a product you buy to a person you meet. Almost everything that meets your eye, you tend to form an opinion on it. How Read More


In life, if you wish to be successful, you should have the can do attitude. I know it is easier said than done. Personal experience has taught me that this is the attitude that will take you places. Read More

Follow your heart

I was contemplating about writing a new post on my blog but I was not sure what to write. Then I asked one of my newly found friend and someone who appreciated my blog to suggest some topics. She Read More

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