Ashutosh Bhoyte

Delhi, India, Junior Resident, Reading,Writing,Painting,Sketching,Wandering,Fencing among other things.....

The Volunteer

'One cappuccino and one of your special chocolate muffins please, Tara.’ Came a voice. She looked up and saw him smiling pleasantly at her but Tara wasn’t fooled. She immediately Read More

21 Reasons Not to Fall in Love

Chapter 17- Let it go... Love at first sight has been an interesting concept in my life. I never believed in it. Still don’t. Despite this most of my potential love stories had their basis in Read More

I Am Home

I am home to the cricks of the rickets, To the twisted little deformities, To the brittle old realities, Maybe to break them or with them. I am home. I am home to the howling winds of summer, To the Read More

D For Diamonds

“Damanpur!" The Conductor yelled and yanked the string down. 'Ting', the old bell moaned and the driver dutifully jumped on brakes. The bus screeched to stop. Ram, sandwiched on his seat, raised, Read More

The Men's Rights Activist

I met my first celebrity.It was a very.... intriguing experience.This happened a few days ago while I was travelling from Delhi to Nagpur, on my way home. I was running a bit late, as usual; Read More

Corruption And It's Business Aspects....

Politicians have always had very terminal images.Thief…….Murderer…….Adulterer………Incompetent……Competent…….Selfless…….…. And the special Read More

The Flag-Seller

The flag-seller stood still, watching the women kneeling before him. A feeling of dismay touched him. She looked thinner every time he saw her. He could clearly see her eye socket and Read More

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