Priya Agarwal

JAIPUR, India, 11th standard, School, Student, Mody institue of education and research

You failed me

Waking up in the morningHoping for a day very shining,A consistence activity my tears letIs to make my pillow wet?Every minute thinking of your dumpTrying to extract my life Read More

I got you

Tired from the crip-crap of the school,A heading to home sweet home.Without noticing me, you passed by my way,Your one look took my heart away.Dreaming of you, reached to my Read More

All those times

All that I knew about you Was not right and true,For the way I behaved, I regretHope you could forgive and forget.Could not see your care and loveI was at fault of that entire Read More

Hurt ed the loving heart

Someone far away from meBearing pain without getting free,He miss me, I miss himAnd my enlighten life getting dim.Exchange of messages is not possibleEverything I had, is Read More

Mother’s burning heart

This feeling I can’t hideAll I want is you standing beside,Am shedding like the leaves of a treeWant to be the one I used to be.Wanting to fix the loosing hold Remaining Read More

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