Deepakraj Mirdha

patna, india, B.Sc., annda collage hazaribag, reading,teaching and solving peoples problem.

a date.

yesterday was 1 st January. today is u think that a date can change your life,ur works.i hope most answer will be no.then why do u celebrate this day,as a day of celebration. Read More

how to b a writer.?????????????????

WHEN i wag younger than now i wanted to be writter.but how? is it quite simple.?i didnot get even any clue for this. i read many newspapers and many book on how to be a writer. it is not a simple Read More

what is it.

these days i look up.see people .they are protesting on many matters.does it work. a negative sense in protesting will bring negative to anyones mind and this will not help a bit.if u r Read More


after sometime i m a here to write in a good directions.but here i will show myself a new way. i need aloneness .it is the must thing that a writter must need he cant write in the presence of Read More

what is blogging ,i just dont know?but it has...

what is blogging ,i just dont know?but it has been a pleasant moment for to speak and tell stories.i m here to write some good things. i have started my blog but it was for professional use only. i Read More

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