Elle Jy

Mauritius, University of Mauritius

Spasmodic Entries In My MemoPad (2)

I chose the one who I love unconditionally and fact is, I know he will never feel the same. You know the saying that, you should always choose the one who loves you because no one else will love Read More

Spasmodic Entries in my MemoPad

I am actually a very mean person when I listen to my thoughts loud. There's a site the university created where one can anonymously confess things. Very nice idea indeed, but I had to literally tie Read More

The Story of Emmadee (Part 3)

(Emmadee's daugther narrates) In those early years of my teenage life, when I was the most surrounded and felt so lonely, I had fallen in love with a boy. Judging by one's age, at 18, anyone could Read More

The Story of Emmadee (Part 2)

(Year 2008; Emmadee's daughter narrates.) I was born in a full family financial crisis. I've had a happy childhood though. I lived in a house where during heavy rains, four persons squeezed up in a Read More

The Story Of Emmadee Baha

I wrote these when I was 15 or 16, I don't really remember. So please, do pardon my sentence structure, grammar, crude humour, foul words if any and so on. I did put the dates but they're all on Read More

The Last Book I Read

"Burned Alive" by Souad This must be pretty common, people writing about their favorite books, or the one they read lately (like i am). The reason why i'm going so mainstream is, I'd love to Read More

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