Emotionally Mad


Under the Table and Dreaming

He was lost and disoriented when he first met her. Big dreams, crazy bizarre plans, passionate and strong enough to imprint herself on the ones who crossed her path even for once in their lifetime. Read More

Words left unspoken

I make up one of those populations who are extremists i.e. who feel minor things and over think for continuous hours to days…I cry over most silly incidents and laugh over insignificantly small Read More

I know you, I walked with you once upon dream.

it's amazing how best friends share their biggest dreams but more amazing is when you start to dream together and do everything possible to turn it into reality... I once saw in television program Read More

it's complicated

I grew up listening it’s a male dominant society and that you can never trust male gender. I never accepted that because teachings and environment both never complimented each other I remembered Read More

Reality check

Assignments and practical work in medical field require a lot of patience and are eye opener in terms of what we have and never appreciate. I went to get my forms done in Intensive Care Nursery where Read More

August 13th

August 13th was the day when there was first addition to the family of my parents. Yes they had their eldest child. Story starts as my mother being eldest among her siblings. She was most beloved Read More

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