Not alone anymore

When I am with her I don't feel alone, even though she can't utter a single word. Just her company in solitude is all that matters. The intoxicating scent rising from her gently caresses my lips and Read More

Does money buy love?

I've always heard the phrase "love is more important than money" but never understood it the way i did today. While traveling to a mall I was stuck in traffic and noticed a couple walking by on the Read More

When a stranger likes you ..

As humans we have the innate desire to be liked, admired by our friends, colleagues, family and acquaintances. As a child we are showered with love from everyone. We grow up in a loving environment Read More

a heart's POV

So this is what being sad feels like. Being sad not for any object of desire but because of being betrayed by the person you loved.There are very few occasions that make you feel this way. The Read More

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