Likhita Prasad


Winter outside my balcony.

In days like this, I mostly find myself staring out from my balcony door. Trees planted in perfect rows, a couple of yellow houses few blocks away, birds singing their usual anthem, thumping and Read More

An angel is killed.

An angel fell, an another story to tell. Wandering the earth awed and wonder struck. With creation of god yet be discovered no aim just wandering with a hope to be loved. Charmed by the alluring Read More

I am autistic.

Don't touch me I'm badThey call me psychoand they call me mad so come and judge mecall me a troublemaker......So what if I don't like people? Oh sure! you can call me a Read More

Sins and Sinners.

For every sin has a sinner.Every sinner has his fate. The fear of hell dwells nowhere what dwells within is greed, wrath and hate. For every deed is a sin sinners makes 'em Read More

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