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My Ex-Year 2013

Stepping into the new year, I would like to brush up some of the intriguing events of the previous year. The man who proclaimed war against Syria is the same who recieved the Nobel Prize for peace. Read More

Bet that !!!!!

Technically, laughter is the only medicine that is contagious and the only disease which spreads by staring....... Read More

Flag hoisting on Facebook

Technically,Facebook is the platform which provides each and every Indian a chance to hoist the National Flag and give Independence Day speech in front of the Read More

Thank You Experia

My appreciation and Congratulations to Sony Experia Z. Finally I can Facebook while Read More

Quality Climax Granted

For the movies which a lack quality climax, they must cast M.S.Dhoni for the best and thrilling Read More

Universal Truth

For many people, offerings to God is just a bargaining tool to get their wishes granted. #Universal Read More

Technically illustrating Mom's importance

Mom's love is like Voltas All weather AC - Whatever the tension outside you will always feel comfortable around your mom... #Happy Mother*s Read More


My need for Her will never end, for She is my lifeline...... :) Without her My precious, I cannot survive even a single day..... Whenever I am impure She purifies me making herself impure, for She Read More

MY WORLD RECORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I was born, for a little amount of time, I held the WORLD RECORD FOR THE YOUNGEST PERSON IN THE PLANET ......... Ha Ha Read More


I took my watch and kept looking at its second hand continuously for one minute.... Then I thought did I just wasted one minute of my life watching a needle? No, I didnt.. I just discovered Read More

My-Ex year

Coming to the end of the beautiful year of 2012 I recollect some fantastic memories...It was China and USA competing against each other to regain the top spot in Olympics but its still Ussain Read More

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