Abishake Koul



I saw him sitting on a bench in a park and there is a perchance he was crying. You may want to know what I was doing there. I had started back from home thinking that I will go for a jog but as soon Read More

Just Do It.

Out of that unknown hidden guilt that you think you have, And some fuckin sense of resposnibility, That doing it will let you keep the label of being good. Its fear and you chose a very shameful way Read More


I will come back,my friend, I have to, the conversation was incomplete when I left, That move of yours,I still have to find a counter for, Let the chess board too wait, For the game is far from Read More

The Smoker.

He sits on the roof, Gently takes a drag, As the sudden red Lights up near his eye. He can see dwindling lights, Not stars, planes Flying to heights. The smoke fills up, Yet he can see A Read More

To be a Rock and not to Roll.

All the paintings to look at in the room, Each telling its own story, But to listen there was none, No one even to hear and forget. I had a painting put up there, I never really liked it, But the Read More

They were alone.

It was dark,had to be, He wouldn't have come otherwise, He did it often but it had to be dark, He would sit and scribble,not able to see anything, And then leave to return sometime again. She wore a Read More

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