I guess that is what I love...

I love making timetables, But they turn out to be just fables. I love making resolutions, But I don’t know there solutions. I love getting lost in the world of dreams, But then my head gets Read More

Where do I belong?

I imagine myself sleeping on bed, Dreaming, resting, happily lay, “Understand” someone shouting, Someone mumbling about debentures, But I am in my own world... Sometimes I pay Read More

I know I should study but...

I know I should study, But I want to go to the world of dreams, Where there is no accounts, maths, o.c, Just friendship, love, simplicity I know I should study, But my mobile is calling me, Ah! Here Read More

What is it about you?

There you are, Oh! What is it about your green eyes? That I want to keep looking into them... What is it about your smile? That I keep wanting more... What is it about your pinkish lips? That I Read More

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