Ananya Sarkar

Kolkata, India, B.A linguistics major, Asutosh College, pen down words that i cant share

chapters of life

there was something left inside to be broken that i was not aware of there was something left to realize about that i was unaware of there was yet some more to experience mortal that i was Read More


One heartbeat later, her eyes grew crimson, stared at the fact she heard breathed profound melancholy, pushed her nails digging her skin the pain shifted touched hearts Her spirit remained Read More


It does not matter how straight is the gate My mind will remain unafraid I charge the punishments Scroll thy down I am the master of my soul I allow the tear to shade I let the horror to fade I hav Read More


She was wounded She knew it wont heal She had an option Keep the wounded part and echo in pain or get rid of the wounded part and be disabled for ever. She choose peace She was disabled for Read More


When all of a sudden ur overpowered by a numbness that u can't explain... a lashing pain that squeezes at your heart and tries to suffocate u. U try to fight the devil but fail. U try to keep what Read More


We Are Galz.... Yes, we are Impatient Because we always want to be attended.. Yes, we are Immature We are always seeking too much attention.. We are emotional........ even at the smallest detail we Read More


Before you can grow up, you must fall in love 3 times. Once you must fall in love with your best friend, ruining your friendship forever. This will teach you who your true friends are, and the fine Read More

Mother... :)

Mom, from the time I was really young, I realized I had, who always cared, who always protected me, who was always there for me no matter what. You taught me right from wrong, and Read More

No Justification...

Yes, i have got haters. but it does not mean that their opinions of me is going to define my character. Lets face it today,yes? every other person hates somebody. i am sure somebody might be Read More


i am single because nobody takes relationships seriously anymore... I am single because people would rather cheat than try to work it out.. I am single because I am experienced enough to to know the Read More

Growing Up

"Chilhood" probably the most wonderful part of my life.. and here iz a new grown up girl... And i soo wish I was'nt this...!!! I wish i could turn back just change everything i did wrong..!! but the Read More

I Promise...

Love is Divine... Love is pure... But it hurts... and wound doznt cure... i loved yuh for ages.. and i promise i wont stop.. but the magic the charm iz somehow gone... Love is Divine... Love is Read More

I will Wait...

No it wont happen Somewhere i know... You say You will change... But you never do... This time you said You wanted to turn back.. But you did'nt and again fell apart.. You came to me calling for Read More

Kaun Ho Tum?

Dil mai kahin bar ye sawal aya.. Kaun ho tum? Na jane kyu jane pehchane se lagtey ho wo pehli mulakat, wo pehli kitabi baat. Dil ne kahin bar pucha humse,kaun ho tum? Na jane kyu jane pehchane se Read More

Thank you brother <3

My path was isolated My ways were alone I searched for a real friend I saw you step in And took my hand into yours You made me believe Believe in light after rain You let me through the stones Just Read More

You Answered...

Just took a chance.. Then yuh answered... And I went into a trance.. Yuh said a "no" Did i hear right?? I wish i cud call it just a word Just a range of tides.. But its here.. Banging on my Read More

I Loose You Win

You Win I loose... You fooled me... And here I am standing fooled.. You made me fall in love with you.. You made me think that i meant everything to you... You can make me laugh... You can make me Read More

A Broken Dream

The isolation... the absence... the emptiness ... the pain..... it makes me sick... it gets me mad.. but,long back... life was not so bad.... the warmth of love.. the spark of light.... the time Read More

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