Medha Dwivedi



Ten year old Anjali had never heard of Cinderella before. Neither had she seen the flat thin TV screen that magically hung on the wall in Shreya di’s house where her mother was a maid. The TV Read More

A frail trail

Half drawn curtains and beyond blue bars, Beneath the grey sky in a bundle of flowers, A trail lies smitten with coldness wrought damp That searches its blurring identity in oil lit lamp. The ivory Read More

The Stories to tell

You stare at the incomprehensible white patterns on the blackboard as the mighty eagles soaring high allure you to look out the window up at the cloudy heaven. Even the back benches don't shun the Read More

Keep Reading!

When life gets at you, you need to be patient because the best of the lines are never on page one. Sometimes you might want to abandon the book on the dusty shelf and walk away silently, choosing Read More

Poverty, my only hindrace

When Faisal Khan stepped on the stage of DID little masters, he looked promising. His moves were way too clean and swift for a thirteen year kid. He can grab your attention in seconds. His attitude Read More

What I Want...

I want a small abode at some solitary beach, close to the world and yet far away, away from the phony noises and fake smiles, away from the rat race and sickening worries, where the sun winks from Read More

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