Erotic Lover


Love filled TALK

woman: Insert it in me come close kiss me lick me Grope me slap me tear me apart I'm your whore Man: Love is pure as and will do prove my love don't be prude but I'm married in lust you Read More

Romping ..

Kissing your lips was your wish came to me like hot dish dressed in gown, jiggling breasts long hair flowing you looked best Room full of women, swooning crowd slurrpy kissing all couples Read More

Girlfriend ..

Sexy bitch come near to me I cuss coz u like me you think I'm wild, when i call names and together we play sexual games Lory, Tori umpteen names S & M you love always hand-cuff me to the bed let's Read More

Miss Perfection ...

Brimming hope I call her name that hot cute stupid funny dame she likes her name to be called out loud attention seeker dances around Each night she comes in a car OMG! it is fitted with a bar She Read More

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