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Bina biwi ke honeymoon pe jaoge kya????

Einstein once stated that there are 2 infinite things in the world........ the universe and the human stupidity..... He was not sure about the second one though ;-).... and now i understand that he Read More

Drenchding Journey

Along the same road,on separate paths Two people walked hiding their conscience The healed wounds were getting red again As they smeered seeing each others life. The broken riots have stormed their Read More

Worth A Glance

#dv....See i know it hasn't been long since we have known each other. Ummmm 3 years i suppose. And it isn't sufficient to know a person. Actually i was fed up of the hectic boring and monotonous Read More

You're the drug that keeps me from dying

Enrique suits the moment....Well yesterday... I was one bottle down and couldn't help it...drinking.... Its particularily no my area at all.... I posted whatever came to my mind.... I wont delete it Read More

Comfortably Numb

Well I had my first drink today... They say drinking is a good deal if you want to forget the pains. Indeed... I felt that.I know it will deteriorate my organs but love is stubborn and it made me the Read More

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