Sahil Chopra


thou shaltkeep firingfictitious bullets into fa ...

thou shalt keep firing fictitious bullets into facts to breaketh the sharply design'd constructeth of thy foe - penultimate commandment; the Read More


“there came a day the fiery red lips decorating the lord’s bed were caught slyly pouting at the butler”, described the watchmaker “and the triumphant servants broke into a boisterous Read More

the prophecy

of toothless smiles and broken embraces unaccounted miles and lost traces on a country road by a tree waiting for Godot they must be Read More

tattoo nation

scraping those wounds must become a habit; unless, you are better at narrating stories from the past. then, it is scars you must go Read More

the descendant

her pacegot briskertowardsthe endeach timehis paceat beststeadywonderifshe realisedthe destinationwas the journeywonderifhe Read More

load. aim. fire. repeat.

her lips curlupwardas she blinksat hisfleetingdisregardfor herexistenceand hebarksaboutviolentlyto shatterthe silencethat followedthe Read More

malice in wonderland

have faith in your warm being and it shall e x p l o d e into tiny splinters on the tip of your fingerlike a doe in Read More

tip of the tongue

unleash the whipwork harderit is still inked withthe ounce of blood loststill a long, longlong way to go before it is toastedto satiate the palettejust Read More

Noise Factory

typetypeedit readdeletetypeeditreadedittypereaddeletetypeeditreaddeleteundo deleteedit or Read More

The Mad Hatter

his head is under the hat you casually flung on to the bustling Read More

The Chosen One

mobbed by you,me, her and themhe threw a punchin their gut andthundered“hail me not, for I knownot what I have done”and the crowd went berserkwith resounding Read More

into the woods

only with a mind to shatter the did he eventually screamsilence silence silencesilence silence silencesilence Read More

Pied Piper of Dumblin

flow with them notinto the lap of tempatation where the pen slipsslyly between the leavesin and out, out and in (repeat)only to spill the inkand the crowd shall remember Read More


he tread timidly along her murderous curves,slipping into the fiery crevice, never to be seen Read More


"relievemy shadow", pleadedthe man to his lordslowlystretching out his hand to extinguishthe onlylamp stillburning in the room."your Read More

let it flip

tying the rope around his neckto the iron pole cemented to the groundhe sat on the edge of his bedunder starry skiesall nightday came and then came nightas he continued to Read More


i runaroundin circles, said the dog,marking virginspacesbut what can i own now?askedthe dog,circles,i Read More

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