Nivedita Singh


Zindagi Aisi Hi Sahi :)

Nahi Jaanti Main ki Kaun Kab Kis Waqt Mujhe Chhal Leta Hai, Bas Jis Pal Jo Jaisa Hai, Use Waisa Maan Ke Hi Chal Leti Hun, Kal Agar Tumne Mujhe Sahara Diya Tha - Tum Mere Khuda Ban Baithe Read More

My angel !!

Like an angel is your smileChirping like a bird alwaysYou bring so much happiness for all of us to pile.Today we are together, tomorrow there may be in between us so many Read More

Evergreen Munnabhai !!

Bande mein tha dum !! Vande Mataram....Despite this being meant for Gandhiji in the movie, everytime these lyrics fall on my ears - I remember only Munna Bhai.... Its true that movies leave Read More

B.A.R.F.I - who does not want love ??

B.A.R.F.I - Beautiful Awesome Realistic and Fantastic IdeologyThe movie very beautifully reveals that any individual - normal of a bit deviated from being normal, feels the need for Read More

Miloge jab pehli baar tum .................

thodi chuppi thodi halchal to jarur hogi...miloge jab pehli baar tum... kuch dil mein hasrat to jarur hogi..naa keh paun shayad tumhe bahut si baatein...chah kar bhi na dekh paun Read More

Not sure !!

Whatever I am doing may not be perfectWhatever I have decided may not be correctBut what I think is the only thing within the boundaries of my mind and powerand I feel going beyond with Read More

Those were the last words I had...

When I first saw a one year old lying on the road with a woman trying to encash people ...... I could say 'Terrible'Those were the last words I had for the poor little child who knew nothing Read More

Hello all !!

I am new to this fabulous place and just hope that I too could gain and share a lot and loads of interesting pieces here !! Glad to get into this community !!Thanks to Praveen Choudhary for Read More

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