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India, Student, Blogger, An 18 year old who is busy preparing for her upcoming engineering entrances discretely because her parents want her to. Peppy and a bookworm,She is also a public speaker and takes it as her birthright to be a pain in ass of every possible person around her airing her views unabashed. She

Distant dreams

Distant dreams. Starry eyed. I wonder where I actually am. Thinking of Places I left behind Of people from the distant past. Time is a devil for sure It snatches away the things you love; But Read More

Back in your city

Walking down the lanes Where once we strolled hand in hand I don't know how to stop thinking of you The flowers on the tree by the road smell just the same The moon still glows overhead The cool Read More

Leaving things behind

The bus is about to leave. Still unsure if I wanted to do it; I uncomfortably move to my seat. Perhaps, I must get down or de-board at the next stoppage. Doubts lurk in my mind; my self confidence Read More

The hostel on the road

The hostel on the road; Above the furnishing centre. The shop below selling colourful curtains; Draperies; heavy and flowing. But the room above standing in its monotony. The beige coloured walls; Read More

I don’t know why it hurts

I don’t know why it hurts I really really don’t know why I care You must be out of my mind I wish you never came in it.. But why then do I care? Your eyes………remember looking at me? And I Read More

Yun tohh

Yun toh nazrien meri bhatak ti rhti thi.. Yu tra chra jehen me chap sa jaega kbhi pta naa thaa... Dil ki kitab k panne toh ret se the... Tri yaadien patthar ki lakeer bn jaegi yeh socha na tha... Dil Read More

Time for love- A SHORT STORY

It was 22nd of June,2006. My first day in DPS Bokaro. I was new to the school and naturally had no friends there. I was somewhat at a loss. The mysteries of the new campus were overwhelming. ‘Dev Read More

Of thoughts and me

They say I’m arrogant; That I am a bit too proud, Yes, I am. But that’s truly me. Yes, I cry for no apparent reason, Yes, I ponder over petty things a lot. I nag people. I insult some of them Read More

Meeting My Best friend

The first day Kishlay texted me, a year ago, I took him for the guy who was hooking for my then good friend Chahat and I actually restricted him from acessing my updates. He texted me again, and out Read More

Reading Bengali Fiction

It all started when I was four; my mom making me recite Sukumar Ray. I don’t remember much of the lines now expect the fact that everybody around me would jovially clap their hands when I finished Read More

The girl

Tick tick tick. Its three am in the morning and the girl sits all alone, corrrecting her own answers of ther quiz she has been attempting. On her little bed; piles of thick books lay half opened in a Read More

Still thinking of you

In a moment of silence When in the middle of the night I sit up All alone That’s when I close my eyes And Yes, I see you. I lie to the whole world Shout it loud to them that I don’t care. Not Read More

Khusiyon Ki koshish me - a hindi poem

Khusiyo ki koshish me dil ne kitney gam rkh smbhal lie.... Jeeta hai khamoshi me; Chuppi si naa jane kyu hothon pe lie... Khusiyo ki koshish me dil ne kitney gam rkh smbhal lie.... Yun tohh nadan Read More

The last dream - A short story

The sun was rising, peeping over the horizon; filling Dev’s room with its aura. It was all red in his room. It was a new day. There was a face stuck into the glass opening in the door. Manjeet Read More

That Small Feeling

I could escape this. Yes, I could’ve escaped this. I should be tensed. Actually, I am tensed. Tensed -because I might have to leave. That this; would be over too soon. I love this part of my Read More

The guy with the guitar

‘Next?’ I murmur, evidently irritated. It has been a bad day, mum shouting over the phone in the morning, the mess not delivering my breakfast dabba and now these stupid auditions for the Read More

Hopeless- A short story

There was a girl- a girl who existed. She had wonderful parents, ones who spent quality time with her as she grew up. But, they never understood that it was their time she needed, “quality time’ Read More

Of people who leave

People are meant to leave at some point of time, sooner or later. But, it is people you really care for who matter, when they finally decide to leave you behind. Some people leave behind a open door, Read More

Sochha na Tha - A hindi poem

Yun toh nazrien meri bhatak ti rhti thi.. Yu tra chra jehen me chap sa jaega kbhi pta naa thaa... Dil ki kitab k panne toh ret se the... Tri yaadien patthar ki lakeer bn jaegi yeh socha na Read More

The Buckle toothed girl- a short story

See the girl sitting at the last bench all alone? Yes, the buckle toothed one. She’s pushing back her tears, staring blankly into her book. You can see through her large wet eyes an untold story. Read More

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