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"Uncle ek Dairymilk silk dena". Says A young guy, ...

"Uncle ek Dairymilk silk dena". Says A young guy, may be in his early 20's, Fair Tall not so good looking though, But seems like he is always on a smile mode, not so well built but always builts up ... Read More

April 17th, 2015
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Rain Drops ...

Each rain drop falls on my face.. It tells a story : My story.. I feel it as it speaks.. Rain drops on my face feels so warm as if it washes all pain.. I close my eyes and listen to songs.. I ... Read More

April 6th, 2015
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Dear Mommy

Dear mommy I miss you. When are you coming home? I have no one to play dollies with? And I can't do it all alone Who's gonna tell me "sweet dreams" and tuck me in at night? Daddy tries to help, but ... Read More

April 5th, 2015
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Its O-kay

Where does it hurt? Where no one can see It's okay that you did not respond to my message. It's okay that you did not hear my call. It's okay that you could not come to the meeting. ... Read More

March 28th, 2015
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So I cry.

So I cry. Because every time I watch a romantic flick, something dies inside me. Because I'm reminded of you. Every freaking time, the hero of the story is somehow similar to you. And I long for you. ... Read More

March 21st, 2015

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