Nath Artha


Nothing Is Impossible

Anyone who says "Nothing is impossible" should be forced to cook "Maggi" in 2 minutes... - Nath Read More

Flaw In Proposals!

Whoever came up with the concept of kneeling down while proposing has no idea what "Rheumatoid Arthritis" is :P -Nath Read More

God's Creation!

For Women who think God first created Man and then created Woman as an improvement: WINDOWS XP was awesome, VISTA sucked hard :P -Nath Read More

I Wish Cupid Used Guns!

I wish Cupid used Guns instead of Arrows, in that way Girls would fall in love with me sooner! ;) -Nath Read More


Science has gone too far that they could calculate the mass of the Earth, but they still couldn't come up with a ketchup bottle that doesn't fart... -Nath Read More


If he is successful, there is a woman behind him... if he is a failure, he is behind a woman ;) -Nath Read More

Love At First Sight ;)

If not for "Love at first sight", no one wants to looks good, and if they disapprove of this, they are definitely lying ;) -Nath Read More

Too much of anything is wrong

People say, "Too much of anything is wrong" if that's the case, If over-confidence is wrong, why can't over-whelming be? ;) -Nath Read More

Its All In The Mind

Its All In The Mind: Positive minds read it as "INDEPENDENCE".... Negative minds read it as "IN DEPENDENCE" -Nath Read More

Just Wondering

Did you ever speak with someone and felt that Government should revoke their "Right To Speech"? -Nath Read More

I Am Not Charlie Chaplin

when someone messes with me: I don't walk in the rain to cover my tears... instead, I'll punch them in the face and tell them its raining outside... -Nath Read More

Random Post

My Policy with people: Love me, I will take a bullet for you! Hate me, I will load a bullet for you! -Nath Read More

Random Post

Long distances are calculated in "Light Years" Long distance relationships are calculated in "Skype Minutes" -Nath Read More

Random Post

Cursing and complaining about problems is like running on a treadmill, its gets you nowhere, but it surely helps you get rid of your load... -Nath Read More

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