Shayantika Bhattacharya

Bangalore, India, Manipal University, Engineer, Intel, Writing

To the Place Where I belong...

TO the place that I hated at first just to find out how much its going to matter me later TO the place, where everything was once ALL UNDER-CONSTRUCTION... TO the place, where a 70 plus yr old Read More


See this little girl, Playing around in dirt All those cracks on her feet, All those bruises on her knees, That one little scar just above her eyebrow, Telling how much she must have gone Read More

Women Should Not be Ambitious...

Women should not be ambitious, Or otherwise she'll go out... She'll go out To distant places... To deep forests... Nullifying mans' world... I wonder men knew this a long ago, That how far a woman Read More

And I'll Rest in Peace...

... And I'll Rest in Peace,, Since I've followed my Heart.. Since I've done what I Wanted... Since I've left no roads unTravelled... Since I've left no story unTold... Since I've left nothing Read More

A Cup of Coffee, To Set U Free...

A cup of coffee To wake me up in morning, Giving a little thrust To take a new turning... A cup of coffee With friends in the evening, Giving your friendship A newer,deeper meaning... A cup of Read More

And Thus She's Best Confined in Her Shell...

For the times when memories sigh Folding my arms I sit back and cry Nobody to listen, loneliness on high Creeping on a cold floor, about to die Thinking of the times when I skipped out of Read More

The World Shall Belong to Her 1 Day...

To her, the whole world is a stage So she would never misbehave With grace and dignity, She'll present herself.. Leaving the remarks, In time and space... All applauds that she gains, She'll not Read More

& I'll Walk Away Out of Your Site...

I'll walk away out of your site From all the love that I had for you, From all the ignorance you gave me, I'll walk away out of your site... From all the plannings I did for us, From all the Read More

K Zindagi ZINDAGI Si Lagti Thi..

Kami to nahi hai tumhari, Par sath tumhare main, Khud ko puri si lagti thi... K wese to adhi duniya Jeet li hai mene maine Par sath tumhare zindagi Kamyab si lagti thi.. Kinare pe baithe sath Read More

More Reasons to Live

A flight sky high A dive ocean deep Thousand reasons to live... Few apologies to make Few mistakes to forgive Thousand reasons to live... A story to tell A story to read Thousand reasons to Read More

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