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Is it madness?

"I need to feed my madness I need to feed my madness Or I’ll go freaking sane Between onion prices rising And the met predicting rain I need to hear more crazy And that’s the ‘soul’ Read More

Rush hour romance

Across the road we waited to cross, as the light turned red In that crowded scramble you next to me? Purely a gamble Yet arm against arm Read More

The day the Rain Fell

It was a rainy day, just like today. The raindrops, fresh and clear fell on the window pane and slid off into a muddy heap where the window met the sill. I had nothing to do, so I sat and watched the Read More

Nature talks

i take an early morning walk in the park, my self esteem having already been hurled to the ground. As I look up to get my bearings on turning the corner, I see these flowers- fairly large and many Read More

Doggy Musings-1

You walk desultorily in the dusk of a bleak wintry evening, along the back lane of your house, skirting the park. A chilly breeze makes you draw yourself together, your mind as listless Read More

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