Khaja Najmuddin

Gulbarga, India, UG, K.B.N College of Engg, Student, Writing, Reading

What is it?

What is it that I long ever so badly? What is it that I forget,hardly? What is it that clouds my sight? And yet it feels just right. What is it that eludes my wit? What is it that doesn't fit? What Read More

Waiting for the End

What was left when the fire was gone. I thought it felt right but that right was wrong. All caught up in the eye of the storm shall'a figure out what is like moving on. And I don't even know what Read More

Just a Thought

* Control your desires lest you hurt yourself, control your expectations lest you will be hurt by others. * People who crave for sympathy are the ones who really need it. Pity! their minds are so Read More

What I want.

I want to be with those who miss me. I want to be there, where my absence makes a difference. I am tired of understanding others, I want the one who understands me. I am tired of pleasing others, Read More

Who am I?

Who am I? Oh! mate you ask me? This is the most dreadfull question that quoth be! By a friend as close as thou Read More

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