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Crazy Stupid Love - a short story

Crazy Stupid Love Siddharth and I had been friends since college. We got into the same IT firm through college placement. We were inseparable till Ananya, with her angelic face and Read More

Mills and Boon : Burn it or Bury it

I think Mills and Boons should be banned in India for misleading young minds, like mine (I mean the time when I was young). This book made us believe that :- 1. Silent ...brooding men make great Read More

sheer waste of time

Deep in thoughts Grilling my mind Scratching my head Hoping to find If there were any Good days we shared topics on we laughed all memories come bared All i remember is lying and deceit You tore me Read More

Let go......

love on the brink of breaking-up is like a dance where one person is trying to hold and pull the other close while other is busy dreaming about a third person . I so wish heart came with a switch Read More

The award for the best couple goes to....

Award for the best couple goes too...... I was in Delhi last weekend attending a wedding. I had nothing much to do there, just look and act pretty. Since it was humanly not possible, so I did what I Read More

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