Actually it was much more than just one evening in Paris but the whole story will continue very soon. Infact ever since I came back from my euro trip I had been thinking of writing about all my experience but this bloody time, always ticks away. Someone truly said, time and tide waits for now. You just need to prioritise. 


As of now I am just interested in checking this new post writing form. So what's new?

  • bigger cover image
  • post page design tweak 
  • better support for formated text in the post 
  • ease of adding images in posts just like the open below:
That's me at Palais Garnier :D

Also if you think that you need to say a quote that the world has been waiting for you can do it like this:

Honesty is the best policy.

So being honest, like everytime I would like to say, I have never more confident than now that this change will make life of you writers easier. 


You can stay updated about the announcements on my profile

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