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From my personal diary - Why reinvent the wheel?

Here is a page from my personal diary(edited). So it's all about me basically and may get too boring due to technical details.   9th Feb 2020   I Read More

Mom's Cooking

I miss wishing my mother "Happy Mother's Day" almost every year since I know such a day exists. Either my little sister or my mother herself reminds me of it and then I wish her (and Read More

Spiez - A Pleasant Surprise

It was 19th Aug (2016), our last day in Switzerland and we had to catch a train from Brig for Milan. We left our tent hostel in Interlaken at around 9am feeling a bit disappointed for the Read More

An Evening in Paris

Actually it was much more than just one evening in Paris but the whole story will continue very soon. Infact ever since I came back from my euro trip I had been thinking of writing about all my Read More

Now you can update without having to unpublish

From now onwards you can update your post without getting it unpublished. It was really a bad thing. Earlier when you started editing your post, it automatically got unpublished. So for that period Read More

The new writing flow

This is a test post. The new writing form and the new home page has been made live just few minutes ago. And am testing if it works fine by writing this test post. Please ignore this post if you Read More

WriterBabu Android App

Finally Writerbabu Android app is now available on playstore. :) This very first version allows you to read and take poll on posts and read diaries. There is no option to write. That option will be Read More

Jacket and Blankets - 2 Prologue

It's just too cold here in Delhi. Am sitting at my desk in my cozy home writing this post with an intent to bring a difference to the lives of many using the power of words. New year eve Read More

Gangs of WriterBabu Contest

As promised the new format of competition is here, and its going to stay here for long. This competition is different from any other traditional competition in two ways. Firstly, the amount of prize Read More

Congratulations :)

Internstory competition has come to an end and winners have been declared. The winners in critic category are: 1. Cinderella by Medha Dwivedi 2. The day the Rain Fell by Aditi 3. ALIVE Read More

Deadline Extended For Internstory Competition

Hello guys, The deadline for the internstory competition has been extended by one week till 2nd August midnight from 26th July. This is in wake of giving more opportunity to participants and also Read More

Write A Story And Win Prizes Worth 15000

Write a story, post it on WriterBabu, tag it with "internstory" and you can win yourself some cash and t-shirts It starts today, and there are 11 different prizes to be given away Read More

#InternStory Writing Competition Coming Soon

WriterBabus, this is just a glimpse of what may be coming your ways in the month of July! Two companies will be jointly sponsoring/organising a writing competition (Fiction+Non Fiction) on Read More

Its Live! Now You Can Update Your Profile Cover

The new profile page is live :) There had always been minimal use of images on WriterBabu, mostly because to maintain a minimalistic design. And there had not been any profile images as well unlike Read More

New Profile Page Teaser

Was working on the new profile page design and I thought I should share how its taking shape ... ... am super excited with this cover image concept ... I must confess its inspired by facebook Read More

News Feed Improved - Getting Personal

This is an attempt to direct the right content to the right readers. [ You need to take few polls before you can experience the real change ] There is no good post or a bad post. A post you like Read More

Attention: WriterBabus Poll Very Carefully

Dear WriterBabus, Please poll very carefully. Your poll history will be used soon to determine your taste and will be used to moderate the content you might see in future. This is an attempt to Read More

Just Speechless

Some WriterBabus leave us speechless. Just Speechless. At the end of reading the post giving a speechless poll doesn't look enough. So we comment and appreciate. But what if you want to effortlessly Read More

Backstack : A Social Framework

Disclaimer: This is a technical article. Its about a new framework which I developed for WriterBabu. Social network is a complex ecosystem and the volume of activity and interaction that goes on Read More

Its So Awesome

I am spending so much time on WB after so long. I read the posts and took polls, even commented on many. And I must say its really really awesome. I never say this for very obvious reasons but I just Read More

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