Purple Wings


रावण जैसा भाई !!!

मेरा लिखा हुआ नहीं है.. हाल ही में कहीं पढा.. दिल को छू गया.. सोचा आप लोगों के साथ Read More

Jab they met !!! ( continued)

She was ready to leave for her home. Since they woke up, she was not able to be as comfortable with him as the previous day. Their closeness in the night was flickering in front of her eyes every now Read More

Jab they met !!!

He came out of the shower..skin still wet..she can see.. still the drops dripping from his hair."Gosh.. he has grown so much..." she thought. Just a few moments ago, she was standing in front of Read More

Oh darling !! i was just joking !!

He was going abroad. He has got a new project to take care. All the formalities were getting done. As it was a new place, i was very worried how he would take care of himself. He was so pampered back Read More

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