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A Fairy Tale

There was once a little princess who could not sing. She could talk, even chatter all day long, but when she tried to sing words came out patched together in perfect disharmony. And how she longed Read More


He had a license to kill. He even got it printed and framed.That sheet of paper was his emancipation. With time, it had replaced his Gods. Well, Gods guarantee hell for killing; but this one Read More

Beauty and the Beast

The thing was a grotesque chimera. Face of a man, body of a cat. Just beastly enough to instill fear and just human enough to inspire disgust. More than the ugliness of the appearance, what scared Read More


A loaded gun is the only solution when you have tried everything else and failed. More so, when the other person is beyond the reaches of reason or pleading. But, can you hate someone so much, Read More


His body lay sprawled on the floor in a dark corner of the room. Blood slowly oozed out of the cuts. Next few days were a blurry of sounds and sights. He remembered only short episodes... Constantly Read More

Love At First Night

The night was their accomplice. No one knows the pain of separated lovers but themselves. Dancing the social dance, making small talk, nodding absently, feigning interest, smiling at strangers – Read More


Rani kept herself busy. There wasn’t much to do anyway. Just two lone people in a big haunting mansion. She looked at the untouched food and frowned. As she bent down to pick up the plates, she Read More

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