Rajshree Tandon


your sad face

This is a feeling I can’t hide, This is something I can’t describe. When your tears fall off your eyes, To catch them and abide is my minds strive. You being hurt is unbearable, The mind Read More

am sorry

I don’t want to fight I just want say, I don’t want to abide Be with me is all I pray. Am sorry for what I did Forgive me and hold me again, Lets live together dear And don’t give me this pain Read More

that truth

A part of you I wanted to be, But that truth a day Took away my glee. I always thought Am somewhere within, But my happiness for this Was always beaten. Your love for me Was so less to express, But Read More

without you...

Early morning as I open my eyes I shout your name to hold me tight. You came running and saw me crying That was in your absence I was dying. You came near taking me in your arms Wiped my tears and Read More

You are my life.....

It would not matter if you hang me to death. It would not matter if you give me the tears of blood. It would not matter how loud in a public place you shout at me. I would smile and take every Read More

That day....when you came closer...!!!!

Parallel to my class was your's....Every time i used to walk out of my class i used to have a look at you. One day you asked me about what the problem was. And in all those simple words i just said Read More

Gonna miss those days....

In the nightinvolved in a fightbut the end is so great for which we never are late.......The maggie is baked so yummywhich totally fills our tummy and the fight begins to wash Read More

A new friend....

I was sitting opening the account on facebookit was an hour passedand my head was totally cooked.....suddenly a chat box opened saying 'hie'and i saw it was a cool guy...'hey' i Read More

to ol my frnz who mde me feel alive....

The days spent with you wered sunshine 2 my life,The way you talked to mewas a way to make it bright...The way you holdwhen i wanted to cry,And the dress u giftedwhich i Read More

For a crush....

From the time you left i feel like the world is sinking down,Its all darkness i can see around...In just 2 weeks or some days we spenttogather,You became the reason of my tears and Read More


A day came so new and blooming,But lil bit of weirdness filled all around,Was crazy to know about my new friends,But i felt i was in a old crowd....All that stuff we did,All those Read More

Me and my brother....

We stayed togetherbut never did we talk...Going through milesbut silently we did walk...At the ages of childhoodwe bathed together in the tub...Now the days have Read More

A small prose.....

You showed me the real face of lifea face that was followed by darkness...you focused on how you could play with meand made my tears fall...your laughter was importantso i was Read More


Into my own thoughtsi was drowning...Through a pannel of happinessi was crawling...Someday i found youapproving my friendship...But other day it was just a sinking Read More

Your own way....

jab sach bolne se i was scared tab sabne kaha there is nothing to be too scared off. Now when i had the guts to speak it, everyone just left me saying that you are jus unpredictable. Well am not Read More


Those days which passed by,dose times now make me cry...m trying hard to make it better,but d dreams seems to b shattered...i bend down on my knees,cause am not able to live in Read More

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